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Workshop for our future IT Audit generation

Provided a custom minor with an educational partner, introducing high school students to IT auditing.

Project: Customized Education Minor – Introduction to IT-Auditing

Client Background: Our client, a high school in the education sector, expressed interest in introducing students to the field of IT auditing.

Project Scope: We developed a customized education minor titled “Introduction to IT-Auditing” aimed at empowering both high school teachers and students with insights into IT auditing.

Key Activities

  1. Curriculum Development: Designed a comprehensive 3-month curriculum covering fundamental concepts of IT auditing tailored to high school students’ level of understanding.
  2. Engagement Strategies: Employed interactive teaching methods such as role-playing and dilemma scenarios to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills among students.
  3. Risk-Based Thinking: Encouraged students to adopt a risk-based approach in addressing IT-related challenges and dilemmas, fostering a proactive mindset towards risk management.
  4. Student Response: Witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, demonstrating a keen interest in learning more about the field of IT audit and its practical applications.

Duration: The education minor spanned over a total of 3 months, during which a comprehensive course was delivered, complemented by engaging activities and discussions.