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15 Years of Experience in IT

Bridging the Gap

BluePaper specializes in technological and IT-related services, such as product engineering, warranty management, cloud infrastructure, and network management. With 15 years of experience, we understand the complexity of IT auditing and the challenges faced by independent IT audit specialists.


Our origin stems from the recognition of a persistent dilemma within the IT audit world. Large organizations, such as the Big4, often have extensive internal platforms and tools available for IT auditing, while independent IT audit professionals lack these resources. This creates a gap in capabilities and efficiency.

Our Mission

We believe that independent IT audit professionals should have access to high-quality tools and resources, just like their counterparts in larger organizations. That’s why we founded BluePaper. In collaboration with multinationals in the EMEA region, we develop practical solutions that empower independent IT audit specialists to perform their work at a high level, even without the support of a large organization.

Our Commitment

At BluePaper, we are committed to bridging this gap and assisting IT audit professionals in the public sector and beyond in delivering high-quality services and ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of their work.

Our strenght
We strongly focus on the needs of your company, so that you can carry out your work for your clients effectively and ethically. We strive to find solutions that seamlessly align with your requirements and to successfully implement them.
Out of the Box
We are continually evolving and striving to expand our services. We strongly believe in collaboration and have forged strategic partnerships with companies in various industries to provide innovative solutions for diverse challenges.
We are to help!
We are available to assist you in resolving any issues. We also offer brainstorming partnerships, where we can provide creative solutions and strategies without knowing the content of your client, while maintaining integrity and confidentiality.
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