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Customized IT Audit framework success

Created a tailored framework for a public sector client to assess conversions thoroughly.

Project: IT Audit for Public Sector Data Conversion

  • Client Background: Our client, a public sector organization, initiated a significant data conversion project involving the migration of network services to a new provider.
  • Project Duration: The project, including the IT audit, spanned over 4 months.
  • Project Scope: We were tasked with performing an IT audit to ensure a smooth transition and minimize risks associated with the conversion process.

Key Activities

  • Risk Identification: Conducted a thorough assessment to identify potential risks associated with the data conversion project.
  • Control Implementation: Developed and implemented suitable controls to mitigate identified risks and ensure the reliability of the conversion process.
  • Application Audit: Selected the most critical applications within the project scope and conducted audits to verify the reliability of the conversion process.

Customized Framework Development: Collaborated with a partner from the Middle-East region to develop a customized framework tailored to the specific requirements of the data conversion project.

Outcome: The project concluded with the issuance of a comprehensive audit report documenting the results, which were communicated to the board of directors.