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Future Auditors: IT Audit Essentials for High Schools

Future Auditors: IT Audit Essentials for High Schools” is a dynamic 3-month course designed to introduce high school students to the fundamentals of IT auditing. With a blend of hybrid and on-campus classes, students engage in weekly lessons covering IT governance, risk assessment, and audit methodologies. The program is enriched with workshops from Big 4 firms and practical role-play sessions, culminating in a final presentation where students showcase their audit findings and reports, preparing them for a future in IT audit.



– Introduction to IT Audit: Overview of IT auditing, its importance, and basic concepts.
– Understanding IT Governance: Explore IT governance frameworks and their role in auditing.
– Risk Assessment in IT Audit: Techniques for identifying and assessing IT risks.
– Audit Processes and Methodologies: Detailed look at audit planning, execution, and reporting.
– Technology and Tools: Introduction to software and tools used in IT auditing.
– Workshops by Big 4 Firms: Insights from industry leaders on current trends and challenges.
– Role Play and Practical Applications: Students work in groups to tackle real-world dilemmas.
– Final Presentation: Groups present their audit findings and reports, incorporating feedback from workshops and role-play sessions.


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